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Keeping Up: Social Networking and Higher Ed < Free Webinar


Keeping Up: Social Networking and Higher Ed

March 23, 2011 at 2:00 pm ET - free to all.
Guests: Our "Keeping Up" panel - Charles Ansorge, Steven Bell, Ilene Frank, Lisa Star, Jane Harris, Beth Dailey, Jane Marcus, and Steve Gilbert

In this special FridayLive!, our "Keeping Up" Panel takes on Social Networking - options and issues for higher ed. Be prepared for open, insightful, hype-free discussion!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Okay, This Is Just Too Weird": Identifying Outreach Opportunities In Facebook

Bietila, David / Edwards, Elizabeth / Issue Date: 4-Aug-2008

Citation: Bietila, D. & Edwards, E. (2008, August). “Okay, this is just too weird”: Identifying outreach opportunities in Facebook. Presented at A Reference Renaissance: Current and Future Trends, Denver, CO.


Abstract: The tremendous popularity of social networking sites like Facebook presents libraries with unique opportunities for reaching students. What many organizations fail to realize, however, is that the presence of professors, librarians, or parents in this social space is often perceived as intrusive, unwelcome, or just plain "weird". Researchers at a small university library decided to take a step back and ask a critical question: what do our students really want? That is, how do our students really use Facebook, and what part can the library play in this social environment?

The library literature provides some insights; many of these recommendations, however, are from the perspective of librarians and do not reflect students' expectations, experiences, or preferences. Researchers conducted a mixed methods study of students' use of Facebook, focusing on the intersection of students' academic and social lives in this platform. Results indicated that students are uncertain about the library and librarians using Facebook, but are willing to consider accessing the library through this platform in the right circumstances.

By listening to students' concerns and identifying standards for interaction, the researchers made recommendations for restructuring the library's Facebook initiatives. This panel will offer an overview of this study and its implications for library outreach efforts in Facebook. This panel will explore the conflict between the literature's best practices and students' expectations for library behavior in Facebook.

A discussion of the library's experiences in implementing and refining its Facebook campaign will facilitate a broader consideration of the opportunities social networking sites present for libraries.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Founding of Facebook A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal

The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal / Ben Mezrich

Format: Hardcover, 272 pages / On Sale: July 14, 2009 /Price: $25.00 / ISBN: 978-0-385-52937-2 (0-385-52937-6)

Also available As: U
nabridged audio CD, Unabridged audiobook download and An eBook. /Tags: Provided LibraryThing


The high-energy tale of how two socially awkward Ivy Leaguers, trying to increase their chances with the opposite sex, ended up creating Facebook.Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg were Harvard undergraduates and best friends–outsiders at a school filled with polished prep-school grads and long-time legacies. They shared both academic brilliance in math and a geeky awkwardness with women.Eduardo figured their ticket to social acceptance–and sexual success–was getting invited to join one of the university’s Final Clubs, a constellation of elite societies that had groomed generations of the most powerful men in the world and ranked on top of the inflexible hierarchy at Harvard.

Mark, with less of an interest in what the campus alpha males thought of him, happened to be a computer genius of the first order.Which he used to find a more direct route to social stardom: one lonely night, Mark hacked into the university's computer system, creating a ratable database of all the female students on campus–and subsequently crashing the university's servers and nearly getting himself kicked out of school.

In that moment, in his Harvard dorm room, the framework for Facebook was born.What followed–a real-life adventure filled with slick venture capitalists, stunning women, and six-foot-five-inch identical-twin Olympic rowers–makes for one of the most entertaining and compelling books of the year. Before long, Eduardo’s and Mark’s different ideas about Facebook created in their relationship faint cracks, which soon spiraled into out-and-out warfare. The collegiate exuberance that marked their collaboration fell prey to the adult world of lawyers and money.

The great irony is that while Facebook succeeded by bringing people together, its very success tore two best friends apart.The Accidental Billionaires is a compulsively readable story of innocence lost–and of the unusual creation of a company that has revolutionized the way hundreds of millions of people relate to one another.

Ben Mezrich, a Harvard graduate, has published ten books, including the New York Times bestseller Bringing Down the House. He is a columnist for Boston Common and a contributor for Flush magazine. [snip]



See Also

Facebook: The Movie / Forbes/com / Taylor Buley / 07.07.09, 08:20 PM EDT

Forbes has obtained Aaron Sorkin's screenplay about the founding of the social network.

BURLINGAME, Calif. -- Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has become a major player on the glowing screen. Next stop? The big screen.

Sony Pictures and producer Scott Rudin are said to have contracted with Aaron Sorkin--writer of movies such as A Few Good Men and Charlie Wilson's War and for the television series West Wing and Sports Night--to write a script about the genesis of Facebook. Sorkin's script, dated May 28 and obtained by Forbes, is titled The Social Network.

It's the story of Zuckerberg, "a sweet-looking 19-year-old whose lack of any physically intimidating attributes masks a very complicated and dangerous anger." The storyline, which starts with Zuckerberg's girlfriend dumping him in a bar and ends with him adding her as a friend on his multibillion-dollar Web site, is said to be based on Ben Mezrich's The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook. A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal. Mezrich's book is scheduled to go on sale later this month.

The 162-page script includes juicy dialogue between Zuckerberg and ConnectU founders Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendrera. In 2004, ConnectU filed a lawsuit against Facebook, alleging breach of contract and unauthorized use of ConnectU's source code.


News Coverage

CHE /Wired Campus / Author Explores the Juicy Origins of Facebook / Jeff Young

BookTV / After Words / Interview

From BookExpo America in New York City ... .

Ben Mezrich recounts the creation of the social networking site, Facebook, in The Accidental Billionaires. Mr. Mezrich details the ascendancy of the website from its beginnings as a members-only service for Harvard University students to its current international status and profiles several of the principal players in the development of the site, including Facebook's current CEO Mark Zuckerberg..

Ben Mezrich discusses his book with A.J. Jacobs, editor at large at Esquire magazine ... .

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"I'm Ready For My Close Up ...": Facebook - The Movie