Sunday, April 29, 2007

Facebook/Social Networking Literature

In addition to personal experiences, I am also interested in Any/All literature (articles, reports, presentations, etc.) that discuss the use of Social Networking Services for Engaged Library Services.

I wish to note the recent one-pager from Meredith Farkas in _American Libraries_ 38 (4): 27(April 2007) (“Going Where Patrons Are: Outreach in MySpace and Facebook”) as well as her new book _Social Software in Libraries: Building Collaboration, Communication and Community Online_. Medford, NJ: Information Today (2007)
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Also Not to be Missed are “Do You Facebook? Networking with Students Online” by Brian Mathews of Georgia Tech (_College & Research Libraries News_ 67(5: 306-207) (May 2006)and“Your Space or MySpace?” by Beth Evans (_Library Journal_ 131 (X): [Net Connect]: 8-12 (Fall 2006)(October 15, 2006).

There are Lots of Great PPTs on Facebook/MySpace on Google … _E.G.,_

“Can We Be Friends? One New Jersey Academic Library’s Experience with Facebook” by Harry Glazer,Communications Director, Rutgers University Libraries

“Fishing in a Barrel: Facebook as an Outreach and Marketing Tool for Academic Libraries” by Shannon Kealey

“Myspace and Facebook: Reaching Our Students with Their Technology of Choice” by Yvonne Nalani Meulemans and Melanie Chu

Then There Is Of Course: “Are Reference Desks Dying Out?” by Scott Carlson from _The Chronicle of Higher Education_ (Section: Information Technology Volume 53, Issue 33, Page A37) April 20 2007
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QUOTE: “The big trend is using social-networking tools to move beyond the reference desk," he says. "By putting ourselves in blogs and social networks, it opens up a door" to patrons (Brian Matthews)

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