Sunday, April 29, 2007

In Your Face(book): Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services

I am pleased to inform you that my abstract for the forthcoming LITA National Forum 2007 scheduled to be held in Denver, October 4-7 2007, has been accepted.



Excerpt from The Orginal Abstract

We believe that social networking sites such as Facebook are excellent environments to foster and facilitate contact and communication among members of a local community. We also believe that as a structured, yet open, communication venue within an educational community, Facebook can also serve a place and space in which library and librarian services can be more actively and visibly promoted.

During the Summer 2007 semester, we will undertake a series of outreach initiatives using Facebook. We will contact select members of the university Facebook community to inform each of the availability of core services offered by the reference and instruction department (e.g., book and journal selection, library presentations, research assistance) as well as general library services (e.g., interlibrary loan, library collections, reserve and media services).

As a preface to the project results, the general nature of Facebook, and its current use by e ducators as well as libraries and librarians, will be reviewed. The presentation will conclude with a brief overview of key readings and Web resources.

I. Facebook Overview
II. Library and Library Facebook Presence
III. Iowa State University Facebook Community
IV. Library Outreach Project Description
V. Project Implementation
VI. Project Results
VII. Future Plans
VIII. Readings and Resources

I would be most grateful to hear from e-list members who have used Facebook for _ANY and All_ library-associated purposes [The experience of users of MySpace (or other social networking) services for engaged library services are also of interest]

BTW: I am aware of the Facebook library groups …

In addition to personal experiences, I am also interested in Any/All literature (articles, reports, presentations, etc.) that discuss the use of Social Networking Services for Engaged Library Services.

Thanks in Advance!

P.S. The focus groups for my study will most likely change as will the specifics of my outreach efforts. Stay Tuned ... [:-)

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Walt Lessun said...

As with all my brilliant ideas for improving service, myspace use faded in light of the daily operational needs of the library and the instructional technology center. Staff reductions did not help, either. But, at least one use was as an access point for a Ski Area Management major doing her internship in Montana while taking a history course over the internet. She was able to do her research paper by combining my help, some of our resources and the resources available through the university close to where she was living. That was something to celebrate.