Monday, June 18, 2007

LibGuides Widgets NOW Available

LibGuides widgets are the latest innovation brought to the Library World by Springshare.


LibGuides widgets are customizable flash-based components which display any LibGuides content selected, including the latest content and most popular LibGuides. These widgets can be easily embedded into any webpage, blog, social network, or courseware system. They can be inserted the same way that a YouTube video or a Meebo chat widget are inserted in a Web page.

To use the LibGuide widgets, log on to the local LibGuides administration page. Select the “Widgets” tab and then proceed to customize the size and color(s) desired, and then the LibGuide of interest for insertion within the widget.

A limitless number of widgets can be created and embedded anywhere. A search box at the bottom of each widget, allowing users to easily search your local OPAC, if so configured.


Distribute Library Content and Services Across the Web

LibGuides widgets enable librarians to distribute content and share knowledge with patrons across the web. One can customize widgets depending on the targeted audience:

  • Display LibGuides related to a particular subject specialty
  • Embed a widget in a courseware (e.g., Blackboard) page and customize the content for the particular class
  • Embed a LibGuide widget into your Facebook profile to showcase library databases and services.
With LibGuides widgets, a library can extend its online presence, connect with members of its local and remote communities, and enable searching the library catalog inside blogs, social networking sites, and courseware systems.


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