Saturday, June 9, 2007

Library Websites / Library MySpace Profiles

Title: Library Websites / Library MySpace Profiles: Online Redundancy or Meeting New Needs?

Presenter: Beth Evans, Electronic Services Librarian, Brooklyn College Library

ALA Annual Meeting | 13th Reference Research Forum | Sunday, June 24th, 1:30 pm | HYATT Independence Rooms F-G |

Libraries conducting business through online social networks find themselves maintaining a number of portals with varying faces on the web. Social networks such as MySpace encourage individuals, groups and institutions that walk their paths to make use of interactive and often entertaining tools that are not as typically employed on a more traditional web site. Libraries are always eager to engage their visitors both in the physical and the virtual world. The researcher explores the extent to which libraries are using a variety of online tools to reach their users both through traditional web sites and newly emerging social network profiles. Additionally, she observes incidents where tools have crossed boundaries from one environment to the other and features of each environment that have not crossed the lines.


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