Saturday, June 9, 2007

Social Network Practitioner Consensus Survey

Think Online Social Networking Is Kid Stuff? Think Again

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (May 29, 2007) – If you think the explosion of social networking is relegated to the high school and college crowd, you might be surprised at the results of a recent survey on online social networking. The survey, conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp – formerly HRI) revealed that 65% of business professionals are clicking and connecting via personal and professional social networking Web sites.

“We expected to see a number of respondents utilizing social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook for personal reasons, but we were intrigued at the high percentage of business professionals that use social networking for professional purposes,” says Jay Jamrog, i4cp’s SVP of Research.[snip]

The most popular sites for professional use? Tops in the survey by far was LinkedIn, a site aimed at the business professional, followed by Yahoo! 360 and MySpace, which is more often associated with a younger generation.

The study revealed that employees are quickly gravitating toward leveraging social networks for very traditional business uses. About half (52%) of respondents whose organizations are using social networking sites do so to keep internal staff and remote employees connected, while 47% of total respondents use the networks to connect with potential clients and to showcase their skills.[snip]

[snip] Over half (55%) of those using the networks do so to share best practices with colleagues, and 49% use them to get answers to issues they are currently facing. This is an area that experts think could help social networking really take off inside corporations.


Of those respondents who do not currently utilize social networks, the top reason (37%) is simply that they don't know what networks to use. The majority of respondents (59%) said they would likely use social networks if they knew that such use would assist their professional development (31% say they already do), and a full 77% would welcome using them if they thought the networks could aid organizational efficiency.

The Social Network Practitioner Consensus Survey was conducted by i4cp, in conjunction with, in May 2007. A total of 323 organizations participated. For more information about this study, or to receive a full copy of the results, please contact Greg Pernula at or via phone at (727) 345-2226.


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