Monday, July 2, 2007

Thesis: At Ball State University

Perceptions Of Students' Communication In Virtual Communities: An Examination of At Ball State University

Joshua Sebastian Hill
M.A. | Educational Studies | 2006

As new methods of communication have been created by technological advances, it has become important to examine how students use these methods to interact with other students, the campus community, and the world. This study at Ball State University helped researchers understand how students communicated online in order to create policies regarding online communication.

Data were gathered using the qualitative methodology of responsive interviewing. Students and administrators were interviewed (during May and June of 2006). The data were analyzed by identifying important themes, trends, and concepts among the data according to Rubin & Rubin's (2005) model. The study found that institutions should create educational opportunities for faculty, staff, and studentsto learn about online communication technologies. These educational sessions should include how to use the technologies, the potential for their misuse, and the responsibilities attached to their use. The study concluded that existing policies should be used to address online policy violations.


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