Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Facebook App (Facebook) Librarian: Books, Scholarly Resources, Facts+Stuff, Ask A Librarian


Brad Czerniak, a LIS Student @ Wayne State University has made available a Most-Impressive-Facebook-App named (Facebook) Librarian.

(Facebook) Librarian [provides] … users [with] a number of universal, moderated, user-influenced links for finding common [information] resources



This Magical-App includes Four Major Categories


Provides access to Open Worldcat, Google Book Search, the Library of Congress OPAC, Amazon, and the Internet Archive

Provides access to Open WorldCat, Google Scholar, ERIC, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and the Citation Machine, a citation-generation Web site.

Provides access to Wikipedia, Google, SmartPages (YellowPages.com), USA.gov, and Bartleby, the source for “literature, reference, and verse.”

Provides a link to a Facebook Message option as well as an App for the University of Michigan Library that offers access to a digital reference link [SomeTimes] as well as options for searching the Mirlyn, a ‘Find Databases’ function and ‘Find e-Journals’, and the Library’s Website.

NOTE: The Ask A Librarian Link Will Vary Depending On ... [?]

(Facebook) Librarian also provides links to three Step Up To The Desk options, including volunteer service for an ad hoc digital reference service for networkless Facebook folk ['Hey! I'm a Librarian! What can I do?']

Thanks!!! Brad!!!

Wow ! DOUBLE WOw !! and TRIPLE WOW !!!

Thanks TWO Angela Kille (Michigan State) Also for noting it on the Digital Reference in Facebook Group Wall !!!

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BTW-3: A Bit Flaky At-This-Time, Soooooo .... Be Patient


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