Thursday, August 23, 2007

Exemplary Real-World LibGuides

Real World Examples of LibGuides

"LibGuides is a great tool for libraries to share knowledge and information, and to connect with patrons. The system is open and flexible, enabling librarians to pull any type of multimedia and dynamic content, and organize it neatly in one place for patrons. "

A Few Exemplary Real-World LibGuides:

Psychology @ Drury
Research guide for Psychology, combining RSS feeds, library resources, databases, websites - all presented in one place, as a starting point for students' research.

Study Skills Guide @ Drury
We wish we had these tips from our librarians when we were in college! Great example of using LibGuides to share useful information with the community.

Film & Media Arts @ Temple
Wow! So much great information - LibGuides at its best. As you browse the tabs, note that it is possible to embed search boxes for databases specific to your institution.

Library guide for International Students @ DePauw
Great use of LibGuides to share useful information other than typical subject guides.

Dynamic content in LibGuides. You can display tag clouds like in this Chemistry Guide, or database search and catalog search like in Resources for Sociology.

Education Research @ Temple
Great use of customized search boxes for various institution-specific databases.

Nursing Research @ KVIC
RSS feeds, videos, custom database search... so much useful information about Nursing research.

Business Research @ Dalhousie
A very comprehensive guide to library resources related to Business. An indispensable resource for all Dalhousie business students.

An excellent compilation of resources related to the issue of copyright.

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