Friday, August 31, 2007

University of Nevada Reno Quick Search App


Araby Greene, Web Development Librarian, University of Nevada, Reno Libraries has created a Library-OPAC-Search-App named UNR Libraries Quick Search


The App allows the use to "Search the library catalog, articles in Academic Search Premier and Masterfile Premier, UNR Library webs, and Google Scholar or Google."


In addition, access is also provided to the libraries 'Ask Us' reference services, including digital reference services. A 'More search options ...' option links to a NPR Libraries page


that provides access to 'Search UNR Library Web Pages', 'Search the World Wide Web' using various Google search options (e.g., Google Scholar, images, 'Book Search', etc.), as well as to Scirus: For Scientific Information Only, SMEAL Search, lxquick, and Kartoo!.

TabsAcrossThe TopOfThe Page provide access to other library collections, resources, and services (e.g., 'Catalog' , 'Subjects' , 'Reserves' , 'Journals' , 'News' , 'eBooks' , 'Reference'), while a list on the Left Side offer links to several 'Special UNR Libraryy Searches' (e.g., 'Digital Collections', 'Geospatial Data' , 'Nevada State Publications' , etc.)

NB: Access to the Article Databases is Limited to the UNR Community.

Araby notes that the Hennepin County Library App Code inspired the creation of the UNR App!



Congrats, Araby!!!


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