Friday, September 28, 2007

Always Illinois: University-based Social Networking Service

ILLINOIS is on the cutting edge of alumni relations with a new, free, online community exclusively for you – our alumni and students, faculty and staff.

Always Illinois empowers you to maintain lifelong relationships, to network within the ILLINOIS family in a secure global community, and to stay connected with the campus, your college, department, and student or alumni organizations.

Always Illinois provides a culture of connectivity for the entire ILLINOIS family!

It's like an ILLINOIS version of Facebook or MySpace with the added security and privacy you deserve. Always Illinois is a trusted and secure online forum where thousands of members of the Illinois family can build and maintain personal and professional connections.

Unlike [other] online social networks that are open to the general public, Always Illinois is a private and secure network ... .


Always Illinois is driven by you. Once on the network, you can join customized groups for your class year and degree-granting unit, your geographic location, student organizations, professional organizations ... .Communicate through messaging, photo albums and blogs, and use the search capability to find other alumni who share common interests, acquaintances, professions, locations, and more.

First, create a profile. Then invite friends and colleagues to join your network or become your friend. Once you create your network, you are also linked to the networks of all the people you know ... . [snip]



Always Illinois utilizes the inCircle social networking system from Affinity Circles.

Key inCircle Features and Benefits

My Profile: By deciding which personal information to include and determining who in the network can access their information members can protect their privacy.

Photo Albums: Sharing photos from vacations and family events as well as professional functions makes interactions more personal.

My Contacts: By filtering and viewing their network based on region, profession, or industry, members can locate friends and colleagues and even plot the connections on a dynamic Yahoo!Map.

Network: inCircle fosters professional growth by helping users locate professional contacts, find help with job searches, or make connections within specific industries.

Events: Groups or individuals can publicize events on inCircle networks, giving event coordinators faster, easier access to members.

Forums: Discussion groups ranging from jobs and sports to parenting, music, and fundraising give everyone a voice in their community.

Groups: Creating customized groups within an organization's network to accommodate chapters, clubs, industry professionals, or fraternal organizations makes it easier to organize events and maintain momentum.

Blog Feeds: Members can expand their reach by sharing their blogs in a personal profile via RSS feeds.

Jobs: inCircle creates a new channel for job seekers, helping them find jobs through listings posted by employers as well as through peer-to-peer inCircle community job searches.



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