Saturday, September 8, 2007

LibGuides @ BC

On August 31 2007 Boston College formally launched its LibGuides series.

LibGuides @ BC, a new generation of research guides from your Boston College Librarians, launched today


LibGuides @ BC, created and maintained by Boston College librarians, provides research sources, strategies, and support to the BC community. Individual guides cover broad subject areas, specific topics, and general research techniques.

Most Recent Guides

#1. About LibGuides @ BC
Created on 09-04-2007 by BC LibGuides

#2. Music
Created on 08-31-2007 by Sonia Ensins

#3. Biology
Created on 08-31-2007 by Sally Wyman

#4. Nursing
Created on 08-31-2007 by Wanda Anderson

#5. Psychology
Created on 08-30-2007 by Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah

#6. Business Law
Created on 08-30-2007 by Sonia Ensins

#7. Library Science
Created on 08-29-2007 by Pam Perry

#8. Social Work: Social Welfare & Policy
Created on 08-28-2007 by Kate Silfen

#9. Social Work: Health & Mental Health
Created on 08-28-2007 by Kate Silfen

#10. Social Work: Diversity & Cross-Cultural Issues
Created on 08-28-2007 by Kate Silfen


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Ken Liss said...

Thanks for shout-out, Gerry. We're very pleased and excited about LibGuides, and I'll have more to say about the experience soon in my tracking changes blog. But I did want to point out that we're not the only or the first library to do this. Dalhousie University, for one, has many more guides than us and had them up well before we did. So there are plenty of kudos to go around. - Ken