Saturday, September 8, 2007

New LibGuides Features and Functionalities

LibGuides is a fully featured, easy to use, online publishing system. The combination of useful features and unique functionality make it an ideal solution for librarians to share knowledge and useful information. LibGuides takes the best features of blogs, wikis, and social networks, enabling you to easily publish content and make it available ... .


LibGuides Email Alerts
Users can receive email alerts every time their chosen content is published. They can chose to ... [receive] alerts when a Guide with certain tags ... is published, when ... [a] favorite librarian publishes a Guide, or whenever any new Guide is published. ...
[A]lerts enable patrons to stay ...[current about] ... LibGuides content ... [snip].
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Integration with and Social Bookmarking
Librarians can easily embed their tag clouds into LibGuides. In addition, users can easily save and share their favorite Guides on or LibMarks, [a social bookmarking and tagging application designed offered by Springshare], or ... email it ... .


Tag Clouds and Tagging of Content
LibGuides supports tagging of content, making it easier for patrons to find information ... The tag cloud on the homepage displays the list of most popular tags ... .


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