Sunday, October 21, 2007

Flog Me, Please


A MostExcellent Facebook App: Flog

"Flog allows you to quickly and easily integrate an existing blog into your Facebook profile! If you have a blog, Flog makes it simple to increase your visibilty and share your content with everyone on Facebook. A built-in full page "reader" that is linked from your profile allows your posts to be displayed without having to navigate away from Facebook, but also contains permalinks back to your original blog ... .


  • Automatic For Everyone: Your Flog can be synchronized to your blog automatically, regardless of your blogging platform.

  • Flogroll: Browse the Flogosphere. Read recent posts, or peruse at random! Enjoy great content from other Floggers.

  • News Feed Integration: Your friends are alerted whenever you post new content to your blog!

  • Customization: Choose how your posts are displayed, down to the number of characters

New Features & Upgrades

  • Friends' Flogs: The fastest and easiest way to stay up-to-date with your friends' latest posts

  • Dig Deeper: The Flogroll now lets you browse every post in the Flogosphere

  • Improved Formatting: Pictures and links, amongst other things, will be displayed on your full-page Flog

Flog Facebook App available at


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