Thursday, October 11, 2007

In Your Face(book): Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services


I am pleased to announce the availability of my PPT presentation delivered at the recently-concluded LITA National Forum 2007 in Denver, Colorado:


In Your Face(book): Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services


**Original Abstract**
We believe that social networking sites such as Facebook are excellent environments to foster and facilitate contact and communication among members of a local community. We also believe that as a structured, yet open, communication venue within an educational community, Facebook can also serve a place and space in which library and librarian services can be more actively and visibly promoted.

During the Fall 2007 semester, we will undertake a series of outreach initiatives using Facebook. We will contact select members of the university Facebook community to inform each of the availability of core services offered by the reference and instruction department (e.g., book and journal selection, library presentations, research assistance) as well as general library services (e.g., interlibrary loan, library collections, reserve and media services).

We believe that Facebook members who are contacted directly by a librarian will be more apt to use library services and to contact a Facebook librarian when an information need arises, then will Facebook members who are not contacted. We also believe that the presence of a Facebook librarian will also generate contact with non-targeted ISU Facebook members due to the networking dynamics of this social networking environment.





Talking Books Librarian said...

Intriguing presentation, thanks for sharing it! Facebook and libraries are an interesting combination indeed, with lots of possibilities!

I enjoy reading your blog - it has lots of good info! I also have a library related blog that you might want to check out -

brammetjebram said...

Very interesting indeed. I am involved in social networking sites for public library services in the Netherlands.
This presentation gives us some insight in different possibilities in our librarybranch.
Thanks for sharing!

Bram Rietveld
manager backoffice
Stadsbibliotheek Haarlem