Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Wikis are Here! The Wikis Are Here!


Wiki Whiteboard

"Introducing Wiki Whiteboard: The Wetpaint Wiki Application for Facebook!

Wiki Whiteboard makes it possible for Facebook users to instantly collaborate, wiki-style, with their friends within Facebook on their most passionate interests

What you can do:

  • Work together to create a site about something you and your friends care about
  • Share class notes, to-do lists, or plan a trip or party
  • Compile photos, YouTube videos, playlists, polls, and more
  • Build a fan site about your favorite celebrity or band
  • Expand upon your Facebook groups with video uploads, polls, and more!

Wiki Whiteboard by Wetpaint makes it simple to work together with friends and groups inside Facebook. Adding content, images, videos, and dozens of other widgets is as easy as clicking and typing."

*Note: we are currently in beta mode and have identified some bugs that will be fixed shortly. Check back for updates frequently, and please share any feedback or suggestions about Wiki Whiteboard on the discussion board ... ."

Highlights Include
Auto-created wikis for every Facebook group to which you belong
Six site templates custom made for Facebook

Wiki Whiteboard has been developed by Wetpaint []

The Wiki Whiteboard App is available from the Wetpiant Facebook group at



"With Wikimono, you can create any type of wiki. You need no technical experience whatsoever, no HTML, no nothing. Just jump in and start!

What can I do with Wikimono?

Plan your next party or trip abroad with friends. Create your fan site. Store your course notes. Build a private website for your family. Organize your charity work with your friends. Announce your product. Write your resume. Create your own newspaper. Write a book.

It is all secure: for each wiki, you can decide to share it with some Facebook friends only, all your friends, some of your Facebook networks, or even all Facebook users. "

Wikimono has been developed by Wikimono [].

The Wikimono Facebook App is available at


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Sarah said...

The Wetpaint wiki is impressively easy to edit. It's got my vote.