Thursday, November 8, 2007

Episilen: Academic Facebook

What is Epsilen?

Epsilen places social networking and ePortfolios at the center of global eLearning, creating a new environment for the next generation of learners and professionals. Described by some users as an "academic Facebook," Epsilen connects peers, enabling meaningful knowledge and object exchanges. Epsilen is a comprehensive software package that provides wide-ranging tools and services that students and professionals need for their day-to-day learning, teaching, networking, and collaboration. The Epsilen suite includes ePortfolios, Learning Matrix, a Global Learning System (GLS), Group Collaboration, Object Sharing and Repository, Blogs, Wiki, Messaging, Resume, Social and Professional Networking, ... .

How does Epsilen work?
Epsilen members’ collections (files, courses, etc.) and data are securely stored in a remote central database accessible from school, home, work, or anywhere via the Internet. An Epsilen member has total control for sharing his personal portfolio and collections with schoolmates, teachers, or potential employers, as well as social and professional groups. Additionally, each Epsilen member has a personal Web site (ePortfolio) with a lifelong Web address (URL). Upon sign-in, an Epsilen member may access any of a number of internal application software packages and tools. Within the Epsilen Environment is an ePortfolio management software package where members can create and maintain personal ePortfolios and Web sites, where teachers can use the Global Learning System (GLS) to deliver course content online so students receive complementary learning material and can interact with classmates outside the classroom, and where members can use the extensive resume and career builder software to create resumes or curriculum vitae (CV) and produce career portfolios. Finally, the networking software built into the Epsilen Environment can intuitively connect students, faculty, and professionals according to their academic, professional, and social communities.


Epsilen is the result of six years of research and development activities at the CyberLab, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. Epsilen is being proposed as a new model and software framework for the next generation of lifelong learners and professionals.

Managing Courses Defining Learning; What Faculty, Students, and Administrators Want?" by Ali Jafari, Patricia McGee, and Colleen Carmean, published in EDUCAUSE Review.

NYTKnowledge Network

New York Times Knowledge (NYTKnowledge Network) offers New York Times content to complement faculty-designed courses served dynamically in customizable templates through Epsilen’s Global Learning System. New York Times content is aggregated by subject and easily selected and incorporated into lessons by faculty and the interactive learning environment. NYTKnowledge Network provides access to a repository of Times archives back to 1851 Times articles, special issues sections, multimedia features, and synchronous and asynchronous contact with correspondents, resulting in an extraordinary integrated learning environment that supports hybrid or online offerings.


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