Sunday, November 11, 2007

Human resource management, Social networks, Job satisfaction

Social Networks: The Newest Employee Engagement Tool?
Anonymous. HR Focus. New York: Nov 2007. Vol. 84, Iss. 11; pg. 8, 1 pgs

HR professionals are becoming acquainted with social networks, such as MySpace, for the information they may reveal about job candidates -- and not necessarily positive information at that. These networks can have a positive role to play in managing employees once you have hired them. Adding social networking to talent management can speed employee onboarding, increase job satisfaction, encourage cross-departmental cooperation, and reduce turnover. Offering a technology and communications means that is already familiar to and accepted by Gen Y workers can be a way to build loyalty among these workers, ... .

[snip]. Mentor Scout, a division of HR software developer Hobscot Corp. (Honolulu), has released a new edition of talent management software that adds social networking capabilities aimed at Generation Y (or Millennial) workers, according to Beth Carvin, president and CEO. "Gen Y learns by asking their peers," she said. "From a corporate standpoint, they need a way to facilitate this."

The Talent Networking Edition [] of the software enables employees to create MySpace-style profiles about their professional and personal lives as a means of engaging them with their employer. The functions are arranged into tabs including "projects" (for information about current work project, challenges, or ideas); "applause" (for praise or thank yous from colleagues); "favorites" (for listing preferences on issues such as Web sites, books, blogs, classes, and productivity tools); and "get together" (for arranging social events with co-workers).

[snip]. Gen Y workers have already embraced this form of communication and interaction, which is driving the need for such tools, Carvin said. This is a generation that values and expects praise and recognition, uses peer-to-peer knowledge transfer, and expects their time with an employer to be of short duration. [snip]


"You try to cut down on turnover by building open communications." Providing employees a new way to connect with younger colleagues who are already using social networks helps build loyalty.



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