Sunday, November 11, 2007

LibAds(sm): Facebook SocialAds To Promote Library Information Sources


A major online computer library center should consider the launch of a new library advertising service.

"Called LibAds(sm) the new program would be threefold: information service providers can create branded pages, run targeted advertisements, and have access to intelligence and analytics pertaining to the site's more than 50 million users. Partners can participate in all three components of LibAds(sm), or a combination of them.


Through the branded pages program, information service providers can design custom pages with information, content, and custom applications--"any application that was written for users on the Facebook Platform," Zuckerberg explained. Facebook patrons can sign up as "fans" of a database, install branded applications, and other activities that will all show up in their profiles' "mini feeds" and on the "news feeds" that are broadcast to their friends lists.

"When people engage your page on Facebook, that's going to spread information about a database database virally through the social graph," Zuckerberg said. "It becomes a trusted source."


Additionally, Facebook has unveiled targeted advertisements that will allow individual libaries to target by any information inside Facebook profiles, from academic major, courses, and required and optional reading [snip]

"With this interface, you'll be able to target information sources exactly the people that you want," Zuckerberg said. "This is some really powerful stuff, and nothing like this has ever been seen before."

Finally, Zuckerberg showed how LibAds(sm) will also give libraries access to tracking and analytics information about exactly who they're reaching and what kind of trends are appearing all over the site. "As you run LibAds(sm), you'll be able to see the exact mindshare that your brand is getting."

He assured the audience that this will not compromise members' personal privacy in any way. "No direct personally identifiable information is ever shared back with information service providers," he explained.

... will be accessible through local regional consortia as well as through an online "self-service assistant." Launch partners, which had been rumored to be limited to a select nine or ten, include The CSA, Chemical Abstracts Service, EBSCOHost, Elsevier, H.W. Wilson, National Information Services Corporation, Ovid Technologies, Thomson Corporation, and several dozen others.

With Apologies to Caroline McCarthy -- Friends blog -- November 11 2007
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