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LibGuides: The Web 2.0 Library Knowledge Sharing System (in Facebook)

LibGuides: The Web 2.0 Library Knowledge Sharing System (in Facebook)

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Welcome to Springshare!
Springshare tools enable you to publish useful information, share knowledge, and discover new resources. You can create online communities and social networks centered around the resources at your library, school, or academic department … .

LibGuides is a Web 2.0 library knowledge sharing system. Think of it as social networks meets wikis meets bookmarks meets blogs … LibGuides helps librarians share knowledge and information, while highlighting and promoting the library resources and services to the community.

LibGuides is a system for publishing information and creating social networks centered around the library resources. Librarians create Guides (we use the word loosely - it can be any content, on any topic, for any purpose) and then publish them online. The Guides contain documents, links, podcasts, RSS feeds, videos, etc. Users can participate in interactive polls and rate the links and resources.

The system supports tagging of content. The homepage displays the tag cloud listing the most popular tags, and the most recent content published. LibGuides delivers relevant information to patrons, while encouraging them to browse the library resources via tags and subject keywords … .

LibGuides is also available from Facebook, enabling your users to access the library content, chat with reference librarians, and even search the catalog, all from their Facebook homepage.

The system is fully customizable, enabling you to offer a cutting-edge Web 2.0 tool with your library brand on it.

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Facebook Integration

Facebook is one of the fastest growing websites, with the projected user base of 50M by the end of 2007. Most college students already use Facebook, but increasingly the alumni and the high school students are also signing on. Many customers of academic and public libraries are using Facebook on a regular basis.

It is important for libraries "to go where the customer is" and offer their online services and content outside of the library website. In addition to providing a convenient way for your users to access the library content and services from Facebook, this serves as an excellent marketing tool for libraries. Making the content and services available in Facebook greatly improves the visibility of your library services.

LibGuides is the first library application available within Facebook. The user simply needs to select LibGuides from the list of applications in Facebook. LibGuides will recognize the user's school affiliation and the system will be available to this user directly from their Facebook homepage … .

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Distribute Your Content And Services
***Customer Service 2.0
LibGuides helps you improve and enhance the service to your customers by sharing useful information and knowledge with them. It helps you build meaningful relationships with your customers and provide them with the information they need, when they need it. LibGuides gives your library a new avenue to service the customers' information needs.
***Web 2.0
When your patrons are on MySpace, Facebook, and SecondLife,you need to keep up with the times and offer them web 2.0 tools in your library. LibGuides enables you to offer a cutting edge library web 2.0 application and enhance your status in the eyes of your customers. It is a great way to boost your library's web presence.
***Marketing 2.0
LibGuides help you promote the use of library services and databases. It also facilitates the marketing of the knowledge of individual librarians. Create Guides centered around specific databases, driving the usage and promoting your electronic content. Create Guides highlighting the services available in the Library. Create Guides in your subject specialty, marketing your knowledge as an information specialist … .
***Communication 2.0 and Reference 2.0
LibGuides helps you improve the communication with your patrons, and communication within the library staff. You can create customized portals and Guides for the specific academic departments, faculty, or courses thus giving you a new channel to effectively communicate with these groups. You can use LibGuides within the library to collaborate and communicate on the internal staff projects and assignments ... . In LibGuides, users can chat with reference librarians using any IM network, as well as using web-based chat widgets such as meebo or plugoo.
***Accountability 2.0
Accountability and the measurement of effectiveness of library services are very important for libraries. Usage statistics from LibGuides provide additional information about the use of your online services. In addition, patrons can participate in interactive polls and rate individual resources, giving you instant feedback so you can evaluate and chart the future course of your library service offerings.
****Community 2.0
Social networks are a big part of web 2.0. LibGuides enables libraries to create an information-sharing knowledge network in your community. Furthermore, with LibGuides your library becomes a part of the global LibGuides Community. You can explore and share information with other librarians with similar subject specialty and interests … .

Create an Online Community at Your Library
LibGuides enables you to create an online community website full of useful information about any topic of interest to your audience. Your librarians can serve as guides, publish useful information and share knowledge. Visitors to your LibGuides will discover new and useful information, explore various interesting topics, and learn all about library, librarians, and many useful library resources available to them.

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Before you jump off to the demo system, watchthe LibGuides introduction flash video

When you log on to LibGuides, you will find many instructional how-to videos which show you how to use the system. Here are a few samples which will give you a good overview of how the system works.
***Creating a new Guide
***Adding Content to your Guide
***Customizing your profile

In addition, here are a few Guides about the system.
***Introduction to LibGuides
***LibGuides Training Videos
***LibGuides FAQ

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Demo System
We have a live LibGuides demo system for you to check out. Go ahead and create a Guide or two, and see for yourself how useful the system would be at your Library. The demo is available at You will need an account to create Guides, so send us a quick email at requesting the account.

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***Demo [ (for a demo account on]
***Sales related questions ( )

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About Springshare
Springshare was founded by Slaven Zivkovic, an entrepreneur with a history of library innovations. The first webmaster at Orradre Library at Santa Clara University, Slaven went on to co-found Docutek Information Systems, which created the industry's first electronic reserve system, ERes. He also led the development of one of the first virtual reference systems, VRLplus

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