Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Employers Contemplate Social Networking, Focus on Improving Technology in 2008

Employers Contemplate Social Networking, Focus on Improving Technology in 2008

Technology Experts Make Predictions for New Year

WASHINGTON, December 18, 2007 – Companies will focus on upgrading and integrating their human resources technology in 2008 in an effort to improve administration and better engage employees, according to experts at Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a leading global consulting firm. Among likely trends are the increased adoption of advanced Web solutions, such as wikis, blogs and social networking, and a focus on making HR technology easier for employees to use.

“Managing a workforce is increasingly complex, and employers are searching for the right solutions to help them address this challenge,” said Richard Hubbard, director of Watson Wyatt’s North American technology and administration solutions practice. “Technology will continue to help companies manage the most intricate HR tasks, including some, such as talent management, that were once done more by intuition than by data analysis. Employers’ biggest challenge is staying on top of the trends and investing in areas where they will get the most for their money.”

Among the top trends Watson Wyatt has identified for 2008 are:

Adopting Advanced, Web 2.0 Technology.

With the rapid growth of consumer-oriented Web 2.0 applications, organizations are considering increasingly interactive strategies and technologies. While many corporations are using Web 2.0 elements such as blogs and wikis, organizations are just beginning to implement other elements of social networking. All of these systems could reduce the focus on traditional e-mail and make work communication a more dynamic experience for employees.



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