Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Collaborative Scholarly Writing By/In Digital Communities


I am greatly interested in Collaborative Scholarly Writing by/in Digital Communities.


[BTW: Digital Communities Can Be Online Communities / Online Social Networks / Virtual Communities of Practice / Etc.]

A Premier Example of What I Seek Is The Braided Learning E-Journal Found Within MirandaNet, A Virtual Community of Practice


"The Braided Learning E-Journal provides an environment for MirandaNet fellows and others ***to develop work openly and collaboratively, sharing resources and allowing comments in the form of peer reviews and structured discussions***."


Examples of Formal As Well As Informal Collaborative Scholarly Writing (CSW) Are Of Interest.

BTW-1: I am particularly interested in CSW by undergraduate / graduate students in any Higher Education Institution, preferably within the context of a Digital Community/Environment.

I Strongly Recommend A Visit to MirandaNet, As It Is An Outstanding Example Of A Virtual Community of Practice


[Thanks, Dr John P. Cuthell, Research and Implementation Director, MirandaNet Academy]

BTW-2: Examples Of Other Outstanding, MultiFaceted Virtual Communities Of Practice / Online Communities / Online Social Networks / Etc. Are Also Of Great Interest.





openlearners said...

The World Association for Online Education ( is a group people interested in online education and inter-cultural issues in e-elearning. The organisation was formed from an interest group at a TCC-Online Conference in the early 1990s. We eventually registered as a NPO in California and more recently we have begun a social networking site at

From all of this we have collaborated on writing articles and some of us have also attended scholarly conferences. We have had a book chapter published in an international volume on e-learning and plan further informal research and formal writing.

I am the current President of WAOE having recently been voted to succeed the co-founder. I think as a self-organising group we have achieved a great deal including our latest piece of work developing an online conference for members in Second Life (something not easily achieved by formal academic communities). Watch out for more writing soon and we welcome questions and collaboration.

Best wishes,
Nick Bowskill

President WAOE

iLLiaC said...

I'm currently in the early stages of developing a project called , a collaboratively authored annotated bibliography that deals with scholarship in rhetoric/composition and digital media studies. It uses MediaWiki as its authoring platform. You can access it here:

Additionally, I've written a chapter on the theoretical rationale and implementation of GlossaTech in an upcoming edited collection on U Michigan Press called Wiki Writing Collaborative Learning in the College Classroom, edited by Matt Barton and Robert Cummings.