Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wetpaint Goes Social

Wetpaint Adds New Social Dimension to Wikis Wetpaint becomes the first fully social publishing platform giving consumers all the tools needed to create dynamic, interactive websites

(Seattle, Wash. – March 10, 2008) Wetpaint, the leading social publishing platform with a network of over 750,000 social sites, today unveiled a complete set of social networking features to supercharge creation of content on its award-winning wiki service that now unifies the two things people love to do online – socialize and share content with others.With the addition of such new features as a Friends Network, Custom Member Profiles, a What’s New site activity dashboard and Friends Feeds, Wetpaint has created the first truly integrated social publishing platform, empowering anyone to easily create a completely social and collaborative website.

“At its essence, online collaboration is a social experience, but on most wikis that aspect has been limited to hidden discussion pages – it’s the equivalent of a cocktail party where no one talks to each other,” said Ben Elowitz, CEO of Wetpaint. “By adding a social dimension to Wetpaint, users are more likely to interact and engage with each other – interaction being the key driver to generating content that has lasting value to not only themselves but a wider reading audience.”By fusing its best-in-class publishing tools with social networking features that increase user connection and communication, Wetpaint sites provide the ideal environment for anyone to quickly and easily create a website that flourishes with interaction, discussion and collaboration, resulting in rich content that attracts new members and bigger audiences.

The new slate of Wetpaint social features debuted today includes:

  • Friends Network: Wetpaint site users can now easily connect with one another through friend invitations to better collaborate and keep up-to-date on each other’s activity.
  • Custom Member Profiles: Each site can have its own custom profile templates for members to share interests and information with the community.
  • Compliments: Members of the site can send compliments to other members to express their appreciation for their contributions, comments and participation. Compliments can also be collected and viewed as awards displayed on member profiles.
  • Enhanced Member Directory: Quickly search and sort through the member profiles of a site and determine who’s contributed the most, who joined recently and more.
  • What’s New Dashboard: Users and visitors can see and respond to what’s new with an at-a-glance overview of most recent page, comment and member updates.
  • To-Dos: Fueling collaboration, site members can request help from one another as well as flag and track needed improvements and tasks.
  • Friend Feeds: Stay up to date with your friends on the site by getting reports on their latest activity and contributions.
  • Promote My Site wizard: To help sites gain more traffic through SEO, this wizard measures how attractive the site is to new members and search engines, and offers guidance for improvements.
  • Photo Gallery (Q2 availability): Upload multiple photos at once and browse all photos across the site in a single location.

To see the new social features in action, visit http://www.wetpaint.com/ and create your own free public or private social website, or explore any of the 750,000 sites already populating the Wetpaint network.


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