Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Face(book) In The Crowd: Online Social Networks For Engaged Learning

A Face(book) In The Crowd: Online Social Networks For Engaged Learning

Gerry McKiernan / Science and Technology Librarian / Iowa State University Library / Ames IA /

Iowa State University Library Spring Seminar Series

{ Parks Library / Room 192 / April 23 2008 / 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM }

In April 2006, there were nearly 22,000 members of the Iowa State University community registered in Facebook. Two years later there are nearly 35,000 members, an increase of nearly 60 percent.


In this presentation, we will provide an overview of Facebook; describe its major features and functionalities; and profile various institutional projects that utilize Facebook for engaged organizational outreach.

Presentation Available At


A/V Of Presentation NOW AVAILABLE (09-24-08) From

Part 1: Introduction to Social Networking Software (10:32)
Part 2: Introduction to Facebook (22:02)
Part 3: ISU and the Library in Facebook (20:54)
Part 4: Putting it all together (8:07)



suonnoch said...

How about using authorStream to present your PowerPoint presentation online. It's an awfully big file that you have there.

Tom Krieglstein said...

Just looked at the slides and to add some more content to this discussion. Here are some links:

- Brad J. Ward has been tracking the Facebook group activity numbers for the incoming college students.

- Our Facebook training slides for staff/admins.

- Our Facebook Training slides for students.

- Our Facebook application called Red Rover which is a free orientation tool that integrates institutions into Facebook.