Monday, April 28, 2008

Libraries and Facebook


I am in the process of completing a survey article on Libraries and Facebook.

In addition to the literature and initiatives profiled in the Friends blog, I am greatly interested in learning of Any/All libraries using Facebook as a complement / supplement / substitute for Any / All library services / programs / etc. such as, but not limited to the following uses or contexts:

Classroom Instruction


Collection Management


Course Management


Desk Reference

Digital Reference


Distance Education/Learning


Information Commons


Learning Communities


Among other services, I am particularly interested in non-Public Services uses, notably Technical Services.

BTW: I am aware of various Facebook Library Groups/Pages such as

Librarians and Facebook


Libraries Using Facebook Pages


I am also interested in Any / All Other Relevant Literature / Sites.

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Another Country said...

We are using Facebook to keep librarians in the north west of England in touch who are members of the North West Information Skills Group (NWIS)
NWIS North West Information Skills Facebook Group

Ricardo Laskaris said...

Hi there,

Our science & engineering library here at York University set up a Facebook Group and migrated it to a Facebook Page in Jan. 2008. We have a healthy number of Fans, but virtually no activity (which is not unusual). I published an article around the same time describing the process I went through in researching and creating the group.

Jenn Kelley said...

At the College of DuPage, we're using a Facebook group as a supplement to a weekly tips and tricks column, called Library Secrets, in our blog.

The entire project is very new and still in "beta", but the Facebook page will/does serve as what we hope will become the "social" HQ of the project.

I'll be presenting on the Library Secrets project at LOEX of the West in June.

Anonymous said...

We recently set up a Facebook group for the North Carolina Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (NC-SLA). More for internal communication with chapter/board members.

Anonymous said...

other groups are:

Library 2.0
The Hollywood Librarian
Librarians and Facebook
American Library Association Members
NextGen Librarians

Karen Huffman said...

Here are a few additional Special Libraries groups:
Special Libraries Association (SLA) and SLA Knowledge Management Division.

Kat said...

Deakin University Library offers a Facebook Page and Application.

The Page allows a client to become a fan and provides an easy way to send updates to fans when a new service begins. The Page also has the meebo application which allows someone to ask for assistance through our Live Help service. The Page also allows people to search JSTOR, PubMed, WorldCat and Deakin University Library Resources. It is not used a lot at the moment, however we have only just started to promote the page. Currently we have 65 fans.

The Deakin University Library Search Facebook application allows a user to search Deakin University Library resources from their profile or canvas page. We have nearly reached the magical 200 mark for installations of the application and some days we get up to 10 unique users using the application.

Another group that may be of interest:

Jo Alcock said...

At the University of Wolverhampton (UK) we are currently using a Facebook Page to promote our Learning Centre services to students and staff and act as a portal to direct them to useful sections of our library webpages. You can view our page here.

Katharine Widdows said...

At Warwick University (UK) we have a facebook page

and a catalogue search application


Luisat3 said...

Would you be willing to share the results of your study or have they been published? I am conducting a brief study at Villanova University.