Monday, May 26, 2008

Total Makeover: Change of Facebook Profile

New York Times / May 21, 2008, 2:48 pm

Big Changes Coming to Profile Pages on Facebook

Profile pages on Facebook are getting a total makeover.

Facebook, based in Palo Alto, Calif., held an hourlong briefing for the news media Wednesday to preview changes coming to the site next month.

The biggest change: user profiles on the service will evolve from a single, flat and often cluttered page into four tabbed sub-pages dubbed feed, info, photos and applications.


Feed, the primary page people will see when they visit other users on the service, will broadcast all of a user’s’ recent Facebook activities — photos he or she uploaded, wall messages and new friends, for example. Users can expand or shrink these updates to, for example, show more thumbnails from a new set of photos, and will have more control over the information their friends see about them.

The info tab will contain all the data typically found on Facebook pages today — a person’s contact information, education history and top friends, for example. The photo tab will have a portfolio of images.

Finally, programs created by third-party developers since last summer and installed by users are relegated to a fourth “application boxes” tab and will generally become less visible.



Facebook Profile Preview Information Page

This spring, Facebook will be launching a redesigned profile aimed at making things simpler, cleaner, and more relevant, while still giving you control over your own profile. We want profiles to be a destination to learn about and interact with your friends.

To give everyone an opportunity to preview upcoming improvements to Facebook, understand the motivations behind them, and offer feedback on the initial designs. While some upcoming changes may take getting used to, ultimately they will lead to a better, faster, more useful Facebook.


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