Friday, July 18, 2008

AquaBrowser: Reviews and Ratings Functionality

Denver, CO July 9, 2008 - Medialab, creator of the leading search and discovery platform AquaBrowser,
announced the general release of My Discoveries with functionality for users to create reviews and ratings and view personal tags. These features boost the existing AquaBrowser social networking experience to create a true global community for library users worldwide.

My Discoveries [] was introduced in 2007 and initially allowed users to tag items, search and refine on user tags, plus create, share and search on user lists. My Discoveries with LibraryThing [] content has been seeding library catalogs with 21 million tags created by users of Now with the latest release of MyDiscoveries, users can review and rate items and view personal tag clouds. The User Interface was also enhanced to be more intuitive based on patron comments and customer feedback.

“Our customers are now enjoying complete social library bliss: a smoothly integrated social library platform, pre-populated with the richest social library content in the world. My Discoveries is a great example of when modern, component-based web 2.0 platforms are mixed and mashed together, without waiting for integrated systems to catch up. It’s here, right now,” stated Taco Ekkel, Director of Development at Medialab Solutions.

Ratings are easily created using the star system employed at other popular sites such as Netflix©. Individuals see not only the rating they’ve attached to an item, but the averaged global community rating based on all user input across all My Discoveries libraries worldwide. And the user functionality to create tags, lists, reviews and ratings is now accessible at both the results list and title level.

Blacklisting support for tags has been expanded and is also available for reviews. Although libraries are embracing library 2.0 technology, there is still a desire to monitor language that appears in the library’s website and catalog. Library staff may also monitor their statistics for how many tags, lists, ratings and reviews are being created in their local system as well as globally.

"It’s important for libraries to offer a modern social networking experience to their patrons, and we’re pleased that AquaBrowser My Discoveries has matured to fulfill this need. Patron feedback, librarian requests, and functionality in other social websites have been vital in growing My Discoveries to become the leading library social networking site” explained Bas Zwaan, CEO of Medialab Solutions BV.