Friday, August 8, 2008

Dow Jones Introduces g2 BI Tool With Social Networking

Dow Jones & Co. ( announced the latest version of its g2 offering, an on-demand business intelligence application. The latest version provides linking with B2B social networking tools. g2 allows organizations to proactively identify, qualify, and connect to desired companies and executive contacts through patented technology that crawls the web and maintains databases in real time, unveiling intelligence on companies, personnel, and news. Dow Jones’ technology filters through more than 150,000 news articles daily from more than 25,000 different media sources and more than 3 million blogs to obtain this comprehensive business intelligence. Additionally, more than 100 triggers are monitored and detected daily through the mined business intelligence data.

g2 offers a database of nearly 4 million companies and 9 million executives that serve as the starting point for relationship mapping; the newest version of g2 expands on the current offering by enabling users to easily import contacts from leading applications such as Microsoft Outlook and LinkedIn. Similarly, Dow Jones’ other on-demand business intelligence application, SalesWorks, includes simple integration from executive profiles to LinkedIn, to extend access to more business information.

Enhancements include the following:

The ability to connect executives and companies through a user’s best relationship path by optimizing corporate and personal networks through the Position search feature

The ability to add single contacts using the biography editor

The option to display company keywords on the company search page

The ability to set personal affiliates to a private setting

New processing tools that have improved the global search capabilities by allowing users to view more executive, company, and news results per page

Enhanced search engine optimization tools that include meta keywords on the company summary page, making it easy to view the specific words and terms that a company uses to generate traffic to its website

The addition of Canadian provinces to the search fields in triggers, companies, and executives





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