Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Webinar: The Social Library – Beyond the Traditional OPAC

The Social Library – Beyond the Traditional OPAC

Join Inmagic CTO, Phil Green, to learn about the next generation special library – The Social Library. Learn how the latest advances in Social Knowledge Networks are expanding the reach of libraries and enhancing collections through the integration of library workflow, information publishing and new social media capabilities.

See firsthand how Inmagic® Presto for Social Libraries is transforming libraries into collaboration centers where both the librarian and researcher contribute to the catalog in a controlled, secure environment. The creation of a SOPAC (Social Online Public Access Catalog) allows for secure two-way information exchanges. The result is enriched and improved content, providing the following benefits:

  • Improve productivity
  • Improve collaboration and community building
  • A ‘Single Source of Truth’ for your organization’s knowledge Transform the library from a cost center to productivity center

  • Greater return-on-investment from library and research assets

Date: Wednesday, January 28th 2009 / Time: 2pm - 3pm, EST

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News Coverage

Social Libraries: The Next Generation of Knowledge Management / Phillip Green / Information Outlook / 12 (12) / 12-08

[http://www.sla.org/io/2008/12/638.cfm] [Complete Article Available to Subscribers]


Inmagic® Presto: A Social Knowledge Management Platform



John said...

In a world of open software and open ideas, it's natural for some cross pollination, but I think the proper etiquette would be to draw a clear distinction between Inmagic's commercially available software and the open source project, SOPAC (thesocialopac.net).

Gerry said...



SOPAC (Social Online Public Access Catalog)


is a Drupal module that provides true integration of your library catalog system with the power of the Drupal content management system while allowing users to tag, rate, and review your holdings. User input is then incorporated into the discovery index so that SOPAC becomes a truly community-driven catalog system. Other features include:

Faceted browsing
Ajax-empowered interface with native jQuery support
100% customizable interface via the Drupal template system
Ability to remove search limiters
Saved searches
Integrated renewals, holds placement, and fine payment
Ability to customize the user experience via the administrative control panel
Ability to create custom functionality via a Drupal sub-module
Because SOPAC depends on Locum to connect to your integrated library system, it has the potential to work with any ILS.